Should I be sorry for not conforming to the society’s idea of a perfect girl?

She have been having mood swings lately nothing seems to feel alright to her. She was getting irritated from her family n friends n spend most of her time in battling thoughts of her own short commings, thinking over why she is not perfect for others?
Sitting on a sofa she was having a coffee in this hot weather thinking of where life had bought her. The recent heartache had left her confused. She heard the conversation of her neighbor n mom that lady was saying,“your daughter is too fat with dark complexion try to make her get married soon” though her mom had defended her but she felt that mothers opinion is always bias.
She always ask herself why she is not eye-catching n perfect these kind of thoughts always took her to a strange trance like stage where she just wanted to scream at people for bruising her personality. At the age where one should get mature she is complexed over her beauty n weight. Why??
It was ironic actually how people get time to shatter others well intentionally or unintentionally these cruel society had convinced a perfectly normal girl that she wasn’t good enough.
Why is this problem of JUDGMENT so common? We judge others to such extent that we forget we’re just like them.
Ignoring all these thoughts she put her coffee mug in the side table n ran towards her room to use again those beauty products she had bought though none of those had proven to be her savior like the tv commercials had promised.
Every time she apply those products to bring herself upto the mark, a mark that was set by the society the outcome was always a disaster. It was all putting her into more depression because she had to be pretty because no one gonna marry her. She had to lose weight because society will never understand she’s suffering from thyroid or having a harmonal disorder.
Failed attempts to look perfect because our society lacks moral n ethics to accept people for who they’re?
And think for just once that all those flaws you point out in others also exit in you, they may not be visible but they still are there.
After these cascade of thoughts she just went to her bed because anothr depressive day came to an end n she thought so would life but answers to her question will remain here for like always.

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